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Temple Bar gets an almighty slagging in this brilliant new Irish folk song

Dublin singer Billy Treacy is telling it like it is.


DUBLIN’S TEMPLE BAR – a place renowned worldwide as the hub of ‘the craic’ in our capital city. To us Irish folk…it’s not so well-esteemed.

Dublin singer Billy Treacy has written an ode to the city’s cultural centre, but don’t expect a misty-eyed, rose-tinted paeon to the tourist trap.

In fact, this is one song about Dublin you wouldn’t want the tourists to hear, with lyrics such as:

There’ll be drink and songs aplenty, but your pockets will be empty / Cos round here, you’re money won’t go far
Keep a good eye on your handbag, yer man there is a toerag/ Make sure you hold on to your phone

And our personal favourite:

Please take my advice that the rest of Dublin’s nice/ Don’t limit yourself to one square mile


All this, set to a tune as catchy as the measles. Give it a listen.

Source: Billy Treacy/YouTube

via Joe.ie

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