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13 signs you need to step away from your Netflix

Orange is the new crack.

BINGE-WATCHING ORANGE Is The New Black are you?

Here are the signs you need to take a break from your marathon Netlflix sessions:

1. You’re not sure what time it is

spinningclock Springfieldcollege Springfieldcollege

2. You’re not wearing trousers and you haven’t been for some time


3. You’re not sure if it’s day or night


4. Your bed is like a couch/your couch is like a bed

Duvet on your couch? Crisp packets in your bed? Time to stretch those legs.


5. You’ve cancelled your plans for tonight

rs_500x227-131003121720-mean-girls-33 Eonline Eonline

6. You got no sleep last night.

Scumbag Netflix - Imgur Imgur Imgur

7. You’ve cut off contact with the outside world

Netflix is my friend - Imgur Imgur Imgur

8. You’re unconsciously consuming snacks





9. You’re a little bit maniacal

10. You’re frantically trying to beat the spoilers

tumblr_m8rolwzxS61qhk6l1 Fhm Fhm

11. You can’t stop watching. You just can’t

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