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News station apologises after accidentally showing someone's penis


A NEWS STATION in Colorado has issued an apology after accidentally airing a photo of somebody’s willy during coverage of the Seattle helicopter crash.

Anchors at Fox News affiliate KDVR were scrolling through Twitter photos of the accident when it all went horribly wrong.

First they scrolled to a photo of Edward Scissorhands. Then some kind of omelette or pancake. Then, a gentleman letting it all hang out.

Which led to this deeply awkward reaction as the camera swiftly cut back to the panel:

This guy:

KVDR has since posted a mortified apology:

The photo was mistakenly broadcast by our control room. It did not come from the tablet many viewers saw being used by one of our anchors.We apologize for the inadvertent broadcast of the image.

However, most viewers don’t seem to mind… one wrote:

we accept your apologies it was just too funny.

While another chimed in:

I don’t know what is being talked about.. could you please add a picture as to illustrate the subject discussed here ? thank you.

There’s a video of the incident, which is completely NSFW and not suitable for children, here.

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