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Bodybuilders are now drinking breast milk to bulk up
All about dem gains, ’bout dem gains.

YOU’VE GOTTA GET dem gains, but how? Breast milk, apparently.

Yes, protein-rich breast milk is the latest craze in the bodybuilding world, with many men seeking out new mothers in the hopes of getting a fix.

According to Medical Daily, mums are advertising their milk on sites like Craigslist, charging as much as $1 an ounce.

KOMO News reports that a new mother was even approached in the supermarket by a man looking to buy her breast milk:

I just sort of looked at him strangely and said ‘I don’t think so, but if you need breast milk they have milk banks for that – to make sure babies get milk’ and he said, ‘Oh, no it’s for me. I’m doing bodybuilding and CrossFit.’

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However, doctors are saying that there’s really no need – speaking to ABC7 News, Dr Lana Gagin said guys looking to bulk up should seek protein elsewhere:

There is nothing in breast milk that can be of benefit to a healthy adult, and there is nothing in breast milk that would enhance your physical performance.

To paraphrase Meatloaf: “I would do anything for gains, but I won’t do that. I won’t do that.”

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