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11 signs your Boojum addiction has gone too far

And it’s wonderful.

IN MAJOR BREAKING burrito news this week, Boojum announced that it was opening up four new joints across the country.

This is fantastic news, and for Boojum addicts across Ireland the lifestyle looks something like this:

1. You laugh in the face of never ending queues

*evil, dying-for-a-burrito style laugh*

2. Your rewards card is a treasured possession, proof of your commitment

3. And you might even have already got your hands on one of these

The holy grail.

4. Your Boojum addiction has seen you go to great lengths to get your hands on one

burittoballina Source: Con Hick

Like this guy:

boojum Source: DailyEdge.ie

You’ve gone out of your way so many times – and every time it’s worth it.

5. Your life is filled with reminders of recent Boojum trips

It’s either technology or a Boojum receipt in your pocket.

6. You feel like the burrito instruction sticker should be taken off for you at this stage of the game

7. You know exactly what you’re getting from each category when you get up to the front of the queue

8. And sigh when you’re behind a newbie struggling with their life choices

booj Source: Twitter @conor_patton

9. You take the tip jar decision very seriously

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10. You have been known to discuss Boojum with your friends when you’re not even there

“God, Boojum is great.”

“It really is.”

While you send them cute burrito pictures from the internet:

baby1 Source: etsy

11. And finally… even when you’re in another city, Boojum is your first port of call

Rock up to Galway from Dublin? Hit Boojum. Find yourself in Belfast for the weekend? You see what Boojum is like there.

Glorious addiction.

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