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10 books to read before their film versions are released this year

Look like a smarty pants in front of your mates, and get ahead of the curve.

THERE’S SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL in being able to smugly tell your friends you ‘preferred the book’ version of the film you just watched, so we’d like to help you enjoy that feeling as much as possible this year.

Here are ten books which will be released as films over the course of 2014 – why not get ahead of the curve and start reading?  That’s if you haven’t gotten to them already, of course…

The Monuments Men


What’s the story?  

This book tells the story of British and American group who were given the task of saving art and items of cultural importance during World War II.

Release date: February 7

Source: FilmTrailerZone

The Book Thief


What’s the story?

A young girl in World War II Germany is sent to live with a foster family where she learns to read and develops a love of books as well as forming relationships that will change her forever.

Release date: February 26

Source: FilmTrailerZone


serena-lawrence-cooper Source: CAA

What’s the story?

A ruthless couple, George and Serena, build a timber business in North Carolina in 1929.  When fertility becomes an issue, things take a dark turn for Serena and she forms a deadly plot.

Release date: September


DivergentCover Source: Amazon

What’s the story?

This is the first of three young adult novels set in post-apocalyptic dystopian Chicago.  In this society people are divided into factions based on a core value. The novel’s main character does not fit, and as a result, must hide.

Release Date: April 4

Source: SummitScreeningRoom

The Maze Runner


What’s the story?

Another young adult trilogy, this is set in The Glade, a fantasy world in which there is a maze filled with danger.  Thomas, the main character, must solve the maze’s mystery.

Release date: February 14

Source: Retro Hive Science Fiction

Winter’s Tale

winters tale

What’s the story? 

A thief falls in love with a dying girl in the 19th century, and tries to save her using his gift of reincarnation.

Release date: February 14

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Inherent Vice

inherent vice

What’s the story?

This is set in Los Angeles in 1970, and sees a drug-fuelled detective investigating the disappearance of his ex.

Release date: Unknown

The Fault in Our Stars


What’s the story?

16-year-old Hazel meets Augustus in a support group for young people with cancer.  They fall in love, but things are complicated by their illness.

Release date: June 20

Source: FilmTrailerZone

Gone Girl


What’s the story?

A woman suddenly goes missing on the day of her wedding anniversary – this book tells the story from her perspective, and that of her husband.

Release date: October 3

The Giver



What’s the story?

This book follows Jonas through the twelfth year of his life in a world where there is no crime, no sickness and no sadness. Jonas is chosen to be the society’s ‘Receiver of Memories’ which means he soon learns that what is perceived as perfection is actually a lot more complex.

Release date: August

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