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14 unmistakable signs that the boom is back

We all partied.

1. Companies are losing the run of themselves

2. But at least your yacht will survive the winter

3. And your local bistro will see an upturn in business

4. What your back, wives!

5. See you in Oslo, Centra lady!

6. People are still feeling the pinch though

7. Except the crane drivers

8. And the feng shui experts

9. You can buy this is in M&S

10. And these in Tesco

pres Source: DailyEdge.ie

11. €5.95 for a Guinness? Sound

12. Used to be Dutch Gold, now it’s champagne

13. Standing around, looking in holes. The abiding image of the boomtimes

14. Water tasting anyone?

drinking Source: 3fe

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