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8 signs you're a seasoned Boots shopper

Three for two across all makeup… * dies*

BOOTS IS MORE than just a shop, it’s a beauty mecca.

All worshippers will know…

1. You can never just go in for one thing

Boots is to cosmetics as Penneys is to random junk. You go to Boots for a tube of toothpaste and come out with €100 of mix and match deals and ten eyeliners you definitely don’t need.

COUxpl6WIAAgHoN Source: _TreadingWater

2. This is like a drug

When you see that 3 for 2 sign, all inhibitions go out the window.

BelA2WbIcAAwKaw Source: MyBeautopia

Seeing it causes your pupils to dilate and heartbeat increase. Standard.

3. You become a bit of a hoarder when you spot a good deal

My shampoo is reduced, better buy 20 of them to do me for a while.

- you.

BMzHOHxCQAID4Rg Source: fivesoshelp_

4. The thrill you get when you can use your Advantage card points for a purchase is next to none

You mean I get this lipstick, FOR FREE?

advantage-card Source: theonlywayischelsea

5. Your bag is full of expired vouchers

You have never purchased anything from Number 7 but MAYBE you will before this one runs out.

download Source: Photobucket

6. Nothing makes you happier than carrying around a turgid one of these

Untitled13 Source: ninasbargainbeauty

If you’re only getting one or two fiddly things you can fit them in your pockets and it’s just NOT THE SAME.

7. You know all the good Boots from the bad

The one in Liffey Valley is amazing, but the one on Henry Street is to be avoided.

IMG_0866_large Source: ratemyarea

8. You literally have spent hours there

Just ‘browsing’.

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