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# Cosmetics

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# Cosmetics
Gardaí alerted to illegal pyramid schemes operating on social media
Officers believe there has been an increase in this type of activity since the start of lockdown measures imposed in March.
# regulations
Contaminated face paints and heavy metals in make-up among safety problems found in cosmetics
One in ten of all 471 products tested were found to be non-compliant with Ireland’s health product watchdog’s health and safety regulations.
# exfoliants
Government to propose its own microbeads ban, calling other parties' bills 'flawed and confused'
The Green Party and Labour have proposed bills on banning microbeads. Fianna Fáil said they’re working on their own one. Now it’s Fine Gael’s turn.
# stoppit
Here's why men using your fancy cosmetics is The Worst
End this, now.
# winter skin
11 beauty buys to get you through any cold spell
Bye bye dry skin.
# advantage cards
8 signs you're a seasoned Boots shopper
Three for two across all makeup… * dies*
# Thrifty
7 tips for getting every last bit out of your make-up
Waste not…
# Miracle Cure
A new 'miracle' cream claims to smooth out wrinkles in seconds -- but is it too good to be true?
Benefit upset a lot of people by joining in on a 'fat-shaming' Twitter hashtag
The company made some contributions to #MakeAMovieAFatty .
# Face off
These 'inspiring' make-up ads are going viral - by revealing women's real skin
Two women with skin conditions talk about their experiences.
# badvert
Worst make-up ad ever shows men shoving mascara down pants
There are no words for how weird this is.
# wolf whistle
8 dogs who just wanted to be pretty
These dogs fetched some fierce lipsticks.
# Sponsored by UPC
7 of the best movie transformations
The films that had us double-taking in the cinema.
# avon
Avon Cosmetics ceases trading in Ireland, cuts 400 jobs
The company said today that the job cuts equate to about 1 per cent of Avon’s 39,100 employees.
# Cosmetics
EU-wide ban on cosmetic animal testing takes effect from today
The cosmetics directive, introduced in 2004, takes full effect today – banning animal testing on cosmetics within the EU.
# Dentistry
Dentists' body expresses concern over illegal teeth whitening
The Irish Dental Association says several businesses could be operating outside of European rules on peroxide content.
# hair dye
New EU rules make hair dye safer
Good news for the 60 per cent of women and 10 per cent of men in Europe who colour their hair.
# Never too old
6 female brand spokespeople who show age is just a number
Legendary women who can still promote a product.
# Photoshop
US moves towards banning Photoshop in make-up ads
Cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble has been forced to pull an ad which used post-production to enhance a model’s eyelashes
# Because we can
Watch: L'Oréal's top 6 adverts as it celebrates 40 years of 'being worth it'
I’m worth it, you’re worth it, they’re worth it… ah sure aren’t we all worth it in the end really…
# Halloween
Parents warned of potentially poisonous Halloween facepaints
The Irish Medicines Board and the HSE warn parents to be aware of some facepaints with high lead content.
# Summer
It's officially impossible to get a decent tan