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by his powers combined

The internet has found the world's most boring superhero

Nothing gets past him.

IS IT A bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s….

j18XC9i Imgur Imgur

This image of the “world’s most boring superhero” has gone viral after being spotted in Leicester Square in London.

Barrier Man now joins his crime fighting squad to save to world from mundane happenings…

The Green Surge

Bistro Boy

Florida Man

tOnUAw7 Imgur Imgur


Comfort Man

Table Pouncer

He may also go to war with his arch nemesis…

Yellow Barrier Man

Qa0BM2T Imgur Imgur

Dave Grohl fell off the stage in Sweden last night, broke his leg, kept performing

Is this the most perfectly timed photo ever?

Here’s what went viral today: Friday