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Londoners could soon be able to bounce to work on a huge trampoline

Jammy, the lot of them.

LONDONERS COULD SOON be bouncing their way to work on a massive trampoline, if local government get their way (please let them get their way).

Transport for London has set up a new £1.8m Future Streets Incubator project, which will fund new forms of sustainable transport and create ‘vibrant’ public spaces.

bounceway Source: Architecture For Humanity

One of the first trials is the Bounceway, a long trampoline that will stretch down a central London walkway.

The project is being coordinated by the charity Architecture for Humanity, who say it will be something “innovative and fun” for the city:

The Bounceway will be the world’s longest urban trampoline. This iconic and inclusive new public space in the heart of London will boost fitness and fun, and provide a novel form of transport where the journey is the main event.

The trial run of the Bounceway will be part-funded by a crowdfunding campaign, which is due to launch in late 2014.

Jealous. The petition to have a Bounceway all down the middle of O’Connell Street starts here.

h/t UsVsTh3m

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