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13 devastating bra problems every woman has experienced

Burn them. Burn them all* (*most of them).

WE GET IT: Bras support women, keep their breasts in place, shield the world from their dangerous nipples, yadda yadda yadda.

But they’re also ferocious beasts that every woman has to struggle with on a daily basis.

1. Too much padding.

Sheesh! #TooMuchPadding #Target Instagram / marifer2378 Instagram / marifer2378 / marifer2378

Look on the bright side – with these bras, you could happily wear your boobs as a scarf during the winter?

2. When a bra that you thought was your friend turns around and stabs you in the boob.

CAwMOF_VIAAN1I_ Twitter / @raeganes11 Twitter / @raeganes11 / @raeganes11


3. Two words: backless dresses.

11326209_725648894245457_244678344_n Instagram / dewi.trisna242 Instagram / dewi.trisna242 / dewi.trisna242

Nips out, or bra strap out? Or invest in a shroud that covers you completely from head to toe, so you’ll never have to deal with this ever again? Your decision.

4. Taking off your bra at the end of a long day…and seeing the imprint of the elastic on your skin.

Dam bra was trynna cut my dam circulation Instagram / mscjguzman Instagram / mscjguzman / mscjguzman

Not very sexy. They don’t show that in the movies.

5. Getting stuck in your sports bra.

Be sweaty. Be tired. Now try and take a sports bra off over your head! You just can’t.

6. The crippling ‘Handwash or throw it in the machine?’ decision.

Handwashing a bra is so much effort, but throwing them straight in the washing machine can ruin them. This is basically Sophie’s Choice.

7. Having to ‘break in’ a new bra.

5955ba3b1db880a823b0f7e6bf9bbd1f Pinterest Pinterest

Like a horse. Or a pair of shoes.

8. Learning things you never wanted to know about your body while bra shopping.

Instagram / wrapping_with_jen Instagram / wrapping_with_jen / wrapping_with_jen

Oh. I didn’t realise my back fat could bulge quite like that. Great to know. *sobs*

9. The treachery of the white bra.

whitebra Instagram Instagram

They can be seen under white tops. They can be seen under black tops. They are not a ‘neutral’ bra. SO WHAT ARE THEY FOR?

10. Uniboob.

It's not the sexiest thing I've ever made...But I'll be damned if it isn't the most comfortable. I needed a nude colored sports bra that wasn't yellow toned to wear under my sheer tops. Super happy with the results! Instagram / chronicmonsters Instagram / chronicmonsters / chronicmonsters

Two boobs? No no, just the one for me.

11. Quadruple boob.

#realtalk##boobprobs#doubleboob#whatisthat?! Instagram / neely9 Instagram / neely9 / neely9

When your bra cup is too small, giving you that highly desirable ‘four boob’ effect. Cute.

12. Having to constantly hoick up a strapless bra.

giphy Giphy Giphy

Whoever created the strapless bra must have magical boobs, because really…that sh*t don’t work.

13. And worst of all, when your perfect bra turns against you.

tumblr_msuvc45vNL1qhlpebo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Just leave us here to mourn.

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