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We need to talk about these 'shredded ham pots' that are all over Irish Twitter

Shredded. Ham. Pots.

IF YOU’VE BEEN on Twitter over the past few days, you’ve probably seen this promoted tweet pop up in your timeline.

Yes, Brady Family Ham have done the impossible and put the words “shredded,” “ham,” and “pot” together to create a completely new potted ham product.

You can now walk into a supermarket and ask, “Hi, can you tell me where I can find the Shredded Ham Pots?” and you won’t get any strange looks.

What a miraculous time to be alive.

So, what’s a shredded ham pot, you ask?

It’s a plastic pot filled with torn up bits of ham — nothing more, nothing less.

The package states that it’s perfect for using in pasta, sandwiches or omelettes.

Although it also looks perfect for eating with your hands over a glass of wine. (Don’t act like you’ve never eaten packets of grated cheese with your hands before.)

Not everyone is sold on it, however…



And some people are crying, “Notions!”

But at least it’s inspired a pretty solid rap name.

MC Shredded Ham Pot in the house.

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