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We think we've found the only place in the world still celebrating Arthur's Day

Yeah, Arthur’s Day. Remember that?

Arthur's Day celebrations Source: PA WIRE

REMEMBER THIS TIME two years ago, when we were all raising pints of Guinness and shouting “TO MARTHA!” like gas tickets?

It all seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

The day was axed last year after attracting a lot of negative attention from the international press, with a critic quoted in an Associated Press article calling it “vomit day”. It was replaced by a series of music events, and everyone left it far, far behind…

Except The Yellow Pubmarine in Jundiaí, Brazil.

Timeline Photos - Yellow Pubmarine | Facebook Source: Facebook/Yellow Pubmarine

Yep, this Brazilian pub is still happily celebrating Arthur’s Day today, with lovely pints of Guinness and an Irish ‘Celtic rock’ band supplying the tunes.

Er, does anybody want to tell them?

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