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bread roll

This photo of bread is going viral for the sweetest reason

Proof that the internet isn’t such a bad place.

WE’VE ALL SEEN some desperate attempts to go viral. ‘Give me 10,000 likes and I’ll donate all my wages to charity’. ‘My wife said if I get 100,000 likes she won’t leave me’, etc.

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Twitter user dcatast wasn’t trying to go viral at all… but he did.

He tweeted this photo of his mother in law’s braided bread, after she told him she wanted the world to see it.

Sure, he only had 28 followers, but the tweet gained traction and has been retweeted over 6,000 times, with over 8,000 likes.

People all over the world have been congratulating that fine looking bit of baking


It’s been seen all over the world, literally

User dcatast hasn’t yet commented on the success of the photo, but has liked all the responses so far.

Ah, the power of the internet.

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