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People have been sharing the text they sent to break up with their ex

Ah, breaking up over text.

texting-health-problems-neck-spine-study Source: Idigitaltimes

BREAKING UP BY text is universally acknowledged as being a seriously unsound thing to do.

But sometimes it’s necessary, and that’s why #MyBreakUpTextSaid is trending in Ireland and around the world today. It’s gruesome and gas in equal measure:

It started off cruel

Then went nostalgic

If you’re going to send one, please reference a ’00s MTV dating show.

reactiondate2 Source: Youtube

They all painted a picture

What a night. The text was probably the best option there.

textingcrush9.jpg Source: Ymaservices

The wittier they get, the less likely they are to have been sent

Let’s face it, some of these would have been marvellous.

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When the lad makes you choose rugby or him

That’s only going to end one way.

d06f8290-531d-0132-4200-0ebc4eccb42f Source: Imgix

When Twitter is important

And this simple, but effective technique

Cold blooded.

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