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These are the greatest Breaking Bad costumes you're likely to see this year

Looking for inspiration?

IF YOU’RE GOING to a Halloween party this year, you can be damned sure you’re going to see some Breaking Bad costumes.

Some will be pathetic, some will be mediocre, and some, like these, will be fantastic.

Gus Fring

gus-final Source: XO Vain

You can get a whole tutorial on how to do this one yourself right here.

Hector Salamanca

bryan-cranston-hector Source: Breaking Bad Costume

Yes, that is Bryan Cranston as Hector with Aaron Paul dressed as a chicken pushing him around.

af3102a40704c7da0667dca3a3cd131b Source: Pinterest


breaking-bad-costume-ideas-for-halloween-plus-make-your-own-blue-sky-meth-candy.w654 Source: Halloweed Ideas

4c1ab1963b3611e3a56522000ab5c7f6_8 Source: Statigram/@joshua_j_wright

tumblr_mcrw3cVrez1ryzizgo1_1280-460x613 Source: The English Group

239c874b606f5fd0500147e67d9f4890 Source: Pinterest

Walt and Jesse

breaking_bad_costumes Source: Vid

bbcostume Source: SF Weekly


Breaking-Bad-H8 Source: Hypervocal

Aaron Paul makes a very convincing Jane, it has to be said.

Saddest picture ever of the last day of filming Breaking Bad>

Real-life Breaking Bad blue meth found in drugs bust>

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