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You can own an actual Breaking Bad prop come Sunday

From the pink teddy to Walt’s whitey-tighties.

SOON, IT WILL all be over.  Breaking Bad’s last episode will air, and we will have to say goodbye to Walt and Jesse forever.  It’s not going to be easy, but it is an inevitable truth.

However, should you wish you soothe your sorrows with a piece of Breaking Bad history, you can.

Hollywood memorabilia website ScreenBid has gotten its hands on a rake of props from the show, and as soon as the final episode ends, they will be auctioned off.

So what can you get your hands on, and how much will they cost?

Walter White’s Hazmat Suit

hazmat suit

You can get your hands on one of the actual suits that Bryan Cranston wore onscreen to cook as Walter White, with bidding starting at $1,500.

Walter White’s Briefs


This iconic pair of underwear is the pair that Bryan Cranston wore for scenes in the first episode of Breaking Bad.

Bidding for this starts at just $250.

Walter White’s Aztek


This hideous car is one of three driven by Bryan Cranston during filming.

It doesn’t actually work anymore, but it’s still pretty cool, and bidding starts at $1,000.

The pink teddy bear


This is certainly one of the most recognisable props from the show, as it is seen in a number of episodes before it eventually falls from a plane crash onto Walter White.

Bidding starts at $1,500.

Tuco’s grill


Back when Walt was capable of being scared of people, he was scared of meth-distributor Tuco.

Eventually Tuco is killed by Hank who is then presented with this grill as a souvenir.

Bidding starts at $2,500.

Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass


It’s the book that turned everything on its head at the end of the first half of season five, and you can own the actual copy seen in the show.

It’s pricey though, with bidding starting at $3,000.

There’s loads more on offer, you can check it all out here.

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