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Bressie is the latest victim of Ireland's 'raucous' seagulls

He must have been carrying a lollipop.


Ireland’s seagull population became enemy number one last week after Fianna Fáil senator Ned O’Sullivan told the Seanad the birds had ‘lost the run of themselves’.

I saw that they’re getting so cheeky now that they attack young children and dispossess them of their lollipops and stuff like that.

We all laughed, but the seagulls motives are getting more sinister – as singer Bressie has learned.

According to RSVP magazine, the Voice of Ireland judge was out training for a triathlon when a rogue seagull lunged at his head.

That’s quite a gash.

He’s not too shaken, however, as he was able to crack a joke about it all:

From looking at his Twitter, we can see Bressie has been quite preoccupied with the seagull controversy as of late – perhaps this is karma (or else he’s taking the p*ss).

Bressie. Don’t mess with the pigeons. You never know what they’ll attempt next time.

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