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Can you make it through this post without cracking up?

We bet you can’t.

WE BET WE can brighten up your day.

Can you make it through this post without, at the very least, cracking a smile?

If you’re in doubt, just wait until you get to the end… We guarantee you’ll have at least one thing to smile about today.

12. Meet the girl who doesn’t take any messing

Source: Caleb Harris

11. This dog in the cone of shame – and his smug friend

Source: DailyPicksAndFlicks

10. Imagine breaking out this in your next meeting

Source: The Poke

9. You’d better heed this warning

Source: guinepigcages.com

8. An unexpected truth

Source: RefinedGuye

7. Google Streeview reveals…

Source: The Meta Picture

6. A penguin in a perpetual state of scoot

Source: Imgur

5. This news graphic person caught on the hop

Source: Failblog

4. These babies eating lemons for the first time

Source: funnyplox

3. Such a flirty pug

Source: Megalawls

2. Revealed: how to properly describe a baby goat

Source: Pinterest

1. This complimentary coffee

You go, girl.

Source: Imgur

How far did you get? Not smiling yet? Well get this…

Note: 1c coffee offer available 20th of January only. T&Cs apply, please see centra.ie for further details.

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