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9 struggles of bringing your phone to bed
Can’t live with it, can’t live without checking it every seven minutes.

IF YOU’RE A smartphone user, chances are you find it tough to resist the lure of bringing it to bed with you.

So much delicious social media to ingest, so much news to catch up on, so many long reads to pore over.

It’s not without its struggles though…

Challenging charging

You want, nay NEED to do 1-4 hours of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram browsing in bed, maybe catch up on a few dozen YouTube videos, but you’re at 14%.


scidid Tumblr Tumblr

(Top tip, Tiger sells longer charging cables for minor ducats. Invest)

Bounce, bounce bounce bounce

You know when you throw your phone onto you bed and it bounces right off into the wall/onto the floor.

Hard times.

MFW I toss my phone on to my bed and it bounces of right in to the wall Imgur Imgur

Dropping it on your face


Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

iOs update? Sure, I’ll take one of those

Updating your phone at bedtime is a rookie mistake.

A less common struggle, but a struggle nonetheless.

Losing it in the sheets

OMG it’s gone! How can it be gone? It was just in my hand!

MRW I'm searching my phone through the darkness in the bed Imgur Imgur

Losing it in the crack between the bed and the wall

Why aren’t your arms longer, dammit?

How I feel when my cell phone falls in the crack between my bed and the wall. Imgur Imgur

Alarm worries

Did I set it?
I’m almost certain I did.
But what if I forgot?
Sure it’s right there on the bedside locker, I’ll just chec… OH HI INSTAGRAM.

Cue another 47 minutes on your phone.

Bedroom of blinding lights

Instead of being in a cosy, dark oasis of calm, your face is illuminated like Beyoncé at Madison Square Garden.

MRW I check my phone in bed at night Imgur Imgur

Counting sleep

As you click on yet another story on you glance at your clock…


Ok, if I go to sleep now I can get 7 hours of sleep.

Six articles later….

Ok, if I go to sleep now I can get 6 hours 20 minutes of sleep.

An hour of Twitter after that…

Oh phone, I wish I knew how to quit you.


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