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6 cocktails it's perfectly acceptable to have for brunch, and how to make them

Ah go on.

WHO NEEDS SOME hair of the dog? Rather than grimly cracking open another can, mix it up a little.

Try some of these tasty (and restorative) brunch cocktails.

Strawberry bellini

6891898255_08869f770d_b Source: Flickr/sermoa

This one involves a bit of work, but the payoff is delicious. Recipe here.


9648938633_100d8bf157_k Source: Flickr/f-oxymoron

It may be extremely easy to make mimosas (champagne and orange juice – simple), but they scream LUXURY. Treat yo’self.

Tequila Sunrise

12937660083_d8d7ba0a80_h Source: Flickr/chrisbenseler

Look, it’s even in the name! You’re supposed to drink this in the morning! Recipe here.

Bloody Mary

5564591082_6395373cff_b Source: Flickr/Tammy Gordon

The classic brunch cocktail, Bloody Marys have tomato juice and a bit of celery in them, so you’re totally getting some of your five-a-day too. Recipe here.

Blush Slush

blushslush Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Put your blender to good use for once and make an alcoholic smoothie. Recipe here.

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

6879018015_0fb2aa22cf_o Source: A Cup Of Mai

Beer cocktails are a thing now, apparently. This one combines Corona with pink lemonade and vodka. Recipe here.

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