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You need to hear Bryan Cranston's impassioned speech about dogs

Bryan Cranston is all of us.

Bryan Cranston spectacularly owned a guy at Comic Con last night

“That was a little mean”.

What to watch on TV tonight: Friday

Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.

The 8 best celebrity cameos from last night's Super Bowl commercials

Oh, hello Liam Neeson. Bryan Cranston, is that you? Wait, MATT DAMON?

Bryan Cranston narrates hilarious explicit kid's book

You have to f**king eat.

Bryan Cranston delivers Twitter burn to Breaking Bad doll protesters

The figures are for sale in Toys r Us and some parents aren’t happy.

Bryan Cranston takes the time to meet a fan suffering from terminal brain cancer

In the realm of ‘great guys’, he may just be the greatest.

Breaking ball: Bryan Cranston has a new one-man show about baseball

Not really, but this is still really good.

Sherlock won all the Emmys... and none of them bothered showing up

Well, Cumberbatch and Freeman didn’t anyway.

Bryan Cranston and Neil Patrick Harris won big at the Tony Awards last night

Cranston beat out Big Boyler Chris O’Dowd. But we forgive him.

Bryan Cranston's love for his wife will melt your cold, dead heart

There’s hope for us all.

Breaking Bad meets Frozen with brief but hilarious results

He doesn’t want to build a snowman, OK?

Bryan Cranston orders girl to say yes to prom invitation

I am the one who dances.

Bryan Cranston is writing a Breaking Bad memoir

He is the one who writes.

Bryan Cranston and the new Godzilla trailer look bloody deadly

“You’re hiding something out there!”

Aaron Paul is going to be in a new Netflix animated comedy

It’s called Bojack Horseman, and you can expect to see it in mid-2014.

Bryan Cranston's terrifying new film trailer for Godzilla is here

He is the one who… runs away from Godzilla.

Breaking Bad blooper reel shows stars having the craic on Season 5

Adorable Bryan Cranston alert.

Here's the Malcolm in the Middle/Breaking Bad finale we were all hoping for

SPOILER ALE…. Actually, if you haven’t seen it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Aaron Paul is really missing Breaking Bad

Check out what he posted on Instagram and Twitter yesterday.

Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote a letter to Bryan Cranston about Breaking Bad

Here is what it said. No spoilers, by the way.

Lindsay Lohan was matched with her brother on a dating app... it's The Dredge

Bit awkward. That and all the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt inside.

The Breaking Bad finale: Heartbreaking and heart-stopping moments

CONTAINS SPOILERS: Do not read if you have yet to watch the episode.

Breaking Bad stars send emotional tweets bidding show goodbye

It’s been quite a ride. (BTW, no spoilers.)

Bryan Cranston reads his most erotic fan letter ever

People are weird, yo.

Walter White's amazing reaction to losing out at the Emmys

He is the one who knocks. And wins Emmys.

Check out Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston in a trailer for the new Superman

Yes, that’s right, someone on the internet has created a fake trailer for a movie that won’t be out until 2015.

Bryan Cranston has been cast in the new Superman film

He’s going to play Lex Luthor.

Bryan Cranston was in a haemorrhoid ad in the 80s

…and it is glorious.

Bryan Cranston wore a Heisenberg mask to Comic Con, and nobody knew

Bryan Cranston for president.

Tweet Sweeper: Which Irish celeb had a really deep thought? Twitterverse This post contains images

Tweet Sweeper: Which Irish celeb had a really deep thought?

Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.

Has one of Breaking Bad's final episodes been leaked?

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here.

9 reasons why you're the greatest, Bryan Cranston Happy Birthday This post contains videos

9 reasons why you're the greatest, Bryan Cranston

This list could stretch to 100, but we controlled ourselves and kept it at 9.

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