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Tweet Sweeper: Which Irish celeb had a really deep thought?

Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.


One moment you’re ambling along thinking about candyfloss, and then suddenly, BOOM!  A deep thought hits you and you just have to share it.

That must be what happened to the lovely Bressie this week.

Tweet Sweeper: Which Irish celeb had a really deep thought?
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  • So deep.

  • Tom Hanks continued his crusade to photograph lost items on public streets.

  • The moral of the story is, never try to look cool.

  • Taylor Swift watches Titanic as frequently as possible.

  • Soulja Boy doled out some more relationship advice.

  • Sorry Solange, you're gonna have to run that by us one more time.

  • So Geri Haliwell is approximately the size of a giraffe's head.

  • Melanie B took us back to the good old days.

  • Listen Bette, no one's buying it.

  • Kiss' Gene Simmons weighed in on the Kimye baby name.

  • Jaysis Niall, that's mad. Haha

  • He knows the truth, guys.

  • HBO reflected the death of a member 'of its family'.

  • Well, we are coming up to Pride week Pippa. It's timely.

  • Deeper insight into the inner psyche of Vogue McFadden.

  • Courtney Love does not care what you think about her pickle love.

  • Busy Philipps aka Audrey from Dawson's Creek had a sad moment.

  • Bryan Cranston paid tribute to James Gandolfini.

  • Anna Kendrick, everywoman.

  • Ah would ya look.

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