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The Breaking Bad finale: Heartbreaking and heart-stopping moments

CONTAINS SPOILERS: Do not read if you have yet to watch the episode.

WELL, IT’S OVER.  One of the most watched, and most talked about television series in history came to its conclusion last night.

And it was incredible.

Here is the Breaking Bad series finale in heartbreaking and heart-stopping moments.

Walt begs to get home

get me home

Sitting in the car in New Hampshire as the police drive by, you have to wonder who Walt is begging to ‘get him home’.  Does he believe in a higher power?  Is God going to bail him out of this?

Walt visits the Schwartz’ house


There’s no telling what Walt will do anymore, so when he closes the front doors of the Schwartz’ house with dramatic classical music in the background, it’s hard not to gulp with dread.

Those red lights

red dots

The moment those red lights appear on Gretchen and Elliot’s chests is heart-stopping.

Jesse’s alternate universe


The vignette in which we see a happy, healthy Jesse doing woodwork is heartbreaking.  It’s a painful ‘what might have been’ for the man whose life has been entirely destroyed.

Walt’s birthday breakfast


Walt carries on the family tradition of arranging his age in bacon during his birthday breakfast.

The last time we saw him do this was just after he told Skyler ‘life is good’ in the episode entitled ‘Fifty-One’ which aired more than a year ago.  My, how things change.

Lydia pours Stevia into her coffee


People have been wondering who the ricin was for since we saw Walt go back to the house for it in the first of this last batch of episodes.

As Lydia pours her customary Stevia into her tea it’s clear who the target was, not who many would have predicted.

Walt’s wedding ring


As Walt prepares his equipment for the final showdown, his wedding ring dangles from his neck.

He tenderly places it back inside his top, and it’s a stark reminder of what he once was, and an indicator that he still has some warmth in him.

Skyler chain smokes in the kitchen



Colourless and bleak, the scene in which Skyler has an emotionless conversation with Marie and then an emotional conversation with Walt is heartbreaking.

Her life is destroyed, she is broken.

Walt admits that he did it for himself

skylar hank 2

Walt's refrain of 'I did it for my family' finally ends, and he admits that he did it for himself.

I liked it.  I was good at it, and... I was alive.

Walt says goodbye to Holly and Walt Jr.



All reminders of the man who Walt once was, and indeed could have been are hard to take in this episode, but his farewell to his children is perhaps the saddest of all.

Walt grabs the car key

car key

While we're not sure exactly what the car key will instigate, we know it's important thus the moments during which Walt grabs the car key are tense.

The machine gun goes off

machine gun

Once again, Walt outsmarts his enemy.  None of us would have predicted that.

Jesse strangles Todd

jesse todd

Jesse gets to take on the man who has made his recent life a living hell.  The sound of Todd's death is unpleasant to say the least, and yet it seems just.

Walt kills Uncle Jack

walt kills uncle

Clearly, this is not about the money anymore.

Jesse points the gun at Walt

jesse points gun

It would be fair for Jesse to kill Walt after all they've been through, and Walt seems to know that.

You can see the heartbreak in Jesse's eyes, and it's almost as though their entire relationship flashes before our eyes.

Jesse tells Walt to do it himself, and he's dead right too.

Jesse drives away

jesse drives away

As Jesse drives away he is both laughing and crying, and you can't help but wonder where he's going to go?

What is left for him?  Will he be able to live with all that's happened?

Walt goes back to the lab

lab lights

Walt ends his life in a meth lab, stroking the equipment as police lights flash in the background.

It seems right.

What did you think of the finale?  Are you happy with the end?  What were your favourite moments?  Tell us in the comments.

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