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feelin' emotions

11 buildings whose facial expressions are giving them away

They’ve got feelings, you know. Lots and lots of feelings.

AT DAILYEDGE.IE, WE like to think that most things have thoughts and feelings, even those that can’t express them.

Animals, for example, or babies, or inanimate objects with googly eyes stuck on them.

Buildings are no different.  Most of the time, however, it’s difficult to ascertain what they might be feeling at any given moment.

Fortunately, that is not the case with these guys.

Here are eleven buildings whose facial expressions are giving them away.

This building has been possessed by a scared chicken


St Patrick’s Cathedral is perpetually shocked


This pink house is perfectly happy with its lot

Acid Cow

This poor building has just seen something it was not expecting


Snow or no snow, this house is feeling goooood…


This guy is sick of people asking, ‘Why the long face?’

Urban Primer

This German building is very suspicious of all that goes on around it


This poor thing is smothered with a cold

Flickr/Lauren Manning

This humdinger isn’t going to let a couple of googly eyes undermine his authority

Urban Primer

He’s just been told his favourite TV show has been cancelled

Acid Cow

This guy is so tired he’s had to prop his eyes open with matchsticks

Urban Primer

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