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'Losing weight is a lot like baking a cake'
Read an extract from ‘The Keane Edge’ by Brian Keane.
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'What was put out to the general populous was basically that there was five troublemakers being let go'
Shane Curran is the subject of this week’s episode of Laochra Gael.
Breakfast time? Try these carrot and walnut pancakes, courtesy of The Cake Cafe and SLICE
Ray O’Neill of The Cake Cafe and SLICE in Dublin shares his thoughts on the last few months and offers a nice healthy pancake recipe.
# bog standard
Home baker creates ‘toilet paper’ cake during coronavirus lockdown
Kate Pritchett said her inspiration came from having toilet paper ‘on the mind a lot lately’.
# kitchen secrets
Kitchen Secrets: Readers share their top tips for a show-stopping sponge cake
And not a soggy bottom in sight.
Gay cake case: How the court tried to reach a fair balance between competing rights
There has been much debate and anger, some of it stemming from a misunderstanding of the Supreme Court decision, writes Aoife McMahon.
# Recall
Tesco chocolate cake recalled as packaging doesn't outline it contains walnuts
The Food Safety Authority issued the alert this afternoon.
# landmark case
US Supreme Court to hear arguments in gay marriage cake dispute
A Colorado bakery owner refused to make a cake for a couple’s wedding.
# piece of cake
'Almost edible' 100-year-old fruit cake found in the Antarctic left over from expedition
Conservators from the New Zealand-based Antarctic Heritage Trust made the discovery among artefacts from Cape Adare.
# wait for it
Stormzy's girlfriend dropped his surprise birthday cake and absolutely destroyed it
Heartbreaking stuff.
# Workplace Relations
Dublin bakery's refusal to make anti-gay marriage cake 'was not discrimination'
# period party
This mam threw her daughter a 'period party' because she was worried about starting her period
There was a cake that said ‘Congrats on your period’. YES.
# horn of plenty
A little girl asked for a cute unicorn birthday cake, but got this unexpectedly rude one instead
Not so cute.
# sent from heaven
A woman from Artane made this incredibly intricate Child of Prague cake
Yes. A Child of Prague cake.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you agree with the verdict in the gay cake row?
The owners of Ashers Bakery were found guilty of discrimination.
# Sweet Revenge
This girl got her Mam to make her the best apology cake for thinking she was on drugs
Oh Mams.
# you sneaky mom
This Mam turned a photo of her hungover daughter into a hilarious birthday cake
Thanks Mam.
# Milestone
Fresh air, good food and a morning coffee: 106-year-old shares secrets to long and healthy life
Elizabeth Dempsey still enjoys the odd glass of sherry and having her hair set every week and her nails manicured.
# cakes that cut it
9 of the most Irish wedding cakes ever baked
Snackbox anyone?
# loop the loop
This Stoneybatter café is selling Loop The Loop doughnuts today
# piece of cake
9 slices of cheesecake you absolutely must sample in Dublin
Warning: You will drool. Prepare yourself accordingly.
# fundalk
Pink Slice is the delicious treat only people from Dundalk truly understand
From the Home Bakery. ‘MON THE TOWN!
# eating in dublin
10 unusual slices of chocolate cake you have to try in Dublin
Alll of me, loves allll of you.
# bake a cake
This baker made a cake exactly how a 6-year-old drew it
# rainbow cake
This magical colour-changing cake has enchanted the internet
Pretty. And delicious.
# caca
12 of the tastiest slices of cake to eat in Dublin
Suddenly, you are starvin’.
# Colonel's orders
This delicious looking bucket of KFC is actually a birthday cake
Wait. HOW?
# diet cake
The Great British Bake Off was a gluten-free travesty last night
That goes against everything GBBO stands for!
# unusual tradition
Couple eat their wedding cake over 60 years (and there's still some left)
Their children aren’t impressed.
# so many layers
A journalist for The Guardian has finally lost the plot
“God, I’m so tired…”
You can be really lazy now when wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook
It only requires you to reply with a single number.
# Let them eat cake
Scottish politicians brilliantly tried to win the support of this woman with free cake
Why don’t *our* politicians offer us free food?
# loose women
Coleen Nolan under fire after comparing gay rights with supporting ISIS
Some viewers have been calling for ITV to fire the presenter over her comments.
# in the face
Girl gets hit ridiculously hard in the face with a cake in this strangely compelling Vine
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Shane Curran is set to begin life in the dugout after club appointment
It’s management next for Cake.
# Cake
Here's 9 ways to live your life like Roscommon hero Shane Curran
The St Brigid’s goalkeeper announced his retirement yesterday.
# Cake
Shane Curran shares an emotional moment with Cillian O'Connor as Brigid's dream dies
Is this it for one of the GAA’s biggest characters?
# On the Record
From 'conduct unbecoming' to 'Cowengate': Morning Ireland turns 30 today ... here are some highlights
It’ll be “business as usual” this morning according to RTÉ — but there may be some cake later… Anyway, let’s take a look back at 30 years of early starts and political drama…
# Egypt
Eight men jailed for three years over 'gay wedding'
The men appeared in a video that went online earlier this year.
# dat cake
Toddler demonstrates the absolute correct way to eat a cake
We could all learn something here.