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Let them eat cake

Scottish politicians brilliantly tried to win the support of this woman with free cake

Why don’t *our* politicians offer us free food?

IF THERE IS a definite way to prove you are decent craic as a politician, getting into a long discussion on Twitter about cakes is certainly one way to go about it.

And that’s exactly what happened with Scotland’s top politicians yesterday – and it was glorious.

It started with this Scottish voter being on the fence over which party she should support

Just 20 minutes after sending the tweet, Katie casually got a message from the First Minister of Scotland

Not content with getting that pleasant response, Katie tried to leverage it – by tagging the leader of the Greens to see what he had to offer

And all he could come up with was homemade cake

Which seemed to put him at an advantage over the First Minister anyway

Cake was the pressing issue for Katie, it seemed

And there was evidence from The Greens on show as well

Just as you thought it was fizzling out, in came The Labour Party with their own effort – from their Deputy Leader

And another Labour official posted this, putting them way out in front in the cake race for Katie’s support

So, with all the pitching done by Scotland’s top politicians, it was left to Katie to have the last word

And maybe start a trend with a choice hashtag while she’s at it

And finally, this concept is as intriguing as it is unlikely

Well done, everyone.

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