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The Great British Bake Off was a gluten-free travesty last night

That goes against everything GBBO stands for!

WE ALL WATCH Great British Bake Off to gawk at cakes and salivate over cream/butter/icing.

But last night, producers decided to deny us this one simple pleasure and instead forced contestants to bake cakes without gluten, sugar or dairy.

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The whole stunt was as part of Alternative Ingredients Week and saw the bakers make exciting treats like, er, carrot cake and gluten-free pitta breads.

In other words, it went against everything Great British Bake Off is supposed to stand for.

Thrilling stuff.

Viewers weren’t that taken with the concept.

Diet cake? No thanks.

Sugar-free carrot cake? That’s not cake. In fact, it’s a parody of a cake.

Don’t even get us started on gluten-free pitta breads, AKA the saddest things they have ever baked on #GBBO

Seriously, they looked miserable.

CN6_bcfWEAEthB- Source: British Bake Off/Twitter

In short, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone.

At least we have soggy bottoms to look forward to next week.

Bottoms up.

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