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This baker made a cake exactly how a 6-year-old drew it


WHEN YOU’RE A kid, you draw some weird stuff. This 6-year-old designed a cake he wanted for his birthday, and one amazing baker completely delivered.

nMolUfX Source: Imgur

The Star Wars themed cake sketch may have not given the easiest instructions, but it looks pretty accurate to us.

The baker’s husband posted the photo of the side-by-side comparison to Imgur, with the caption:

My wife made a cake exactly how her 6 year old client drew it out.

Yep, spot on.

But of course, when it was posted to Reddit, the cracks in the icing began to show.

Except the 6 year old drew a sith lord battling a jedi on his cake and she gave him Han Solo.
I see a Yoda and a Darth Vader in the picture, you gave them what looks like Ezra Bridger and Han Solo.
She asked for only one cookie and a rectangular door, instead she got a bunch of cookis and some circle-thingy.

You just can’t get the staff these days.

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