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The Dredge: Look at Calum Best with this George Best lookalike at Ireland v Poland

And the rest of the day’s celebrity duuuurt…

Like father, like… er… son (Image: @CalumBest)

#LIKE FATHER…. George Best‘s son (and model/reality TV star) Calum Best was at the Ireland v Poland match last night, and tweeted his thanks to the FAI’s John Delaney for looking after him.

He was also hanging out with his mate Mark O’Hare, who is the Official Aer Lingus George Best Lookalike 2012. We promise we are not making this up.

The pair were in VIP seating and hung out with Trap and Paul McGrath after the match, before heading to Cafe En Seine on Dawson Street.

Morning lads! How are the heads?

Calum with John Delaney. A right pair. (Image: @CalumBest)

#CHRIS BROWN Chris Brown showed up to court yesterday for a probation hearing… with Rihanna. (TMZ)

Brown was in court to face allegations that he lied about completing his community service… which he got for beating up Rihanna.

The singer’s attorney claims that Brown has been “tortured” by the DA, and says that the DA lied about Brown’s community service documents. They’ll be back in court to sort it out in April. (CNN)

A face only a mother (and Rihanna) could love (Image: TMZ)

#KAY-Z Kylie and Jay-Z, together at last!

Kylie Minogue has signed to the rapper and mogul’s record label Roc Nation. The Ozzie singer made the announcement via Twitter yesterday with the message “Kisses from my new home”. (Daily Mail)

If this means there are going to be pictures of Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Kylie palling around together then we want IN!

You can lob the gob on us anytime Kylie (Image: Kylie Minogue/Instagram)

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt…

  • Poor old Ronan Keating has been appealing for his fans’ support during his tour, what with his busted ankle and his manflu (Twitter)
  • Speaking of former Boyzone stars, Shane Lynch has turned into a peace ambassador (Irish Daily Star)
  • Kim Kardashian‘s little sisters Kendall and Kylie modelled at New York Fashion Week. We are never getting away from the Kardashians, just so you know (Daily Mail)
  • Porn star Ron Jeremy is on the mend after his aneurysm last month. Phew (Radar Online)
  • Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will both be at the Brit Awards. Awkward (Mirror)