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This student found an excellent college 'care package' hidden in their dorm room wall


MOVING AWAY TO go to college can be a tough time, so it’s nice to know that someone, anyone, is looking out for you.

Imgur user dooiechase97 recently headed off to university in the US – upon moving into their new dorm room, they noticed a loose panel in the wall.

lw1SAd8 Source: Imgur

When they unscrewed it, they found a hidden ‘care package’ consisting of a pen, a lighter, a condom, and – crucially – two spare keys to the room.

QAFGeEY Source: Imgur

The gift was from the former occupants of the dorm room, and was accompanied by a note:

If you’re reading this you found out this compartment exists. Congratulations! Inside is a lighter (for whatever you may need it for), an awesome Spongebob pen, a condom, and two spare keys to the room. THESE ARE A SECRET!!! Use these in case you lose your key (that sh*t costs mad money!). Make the best of your freshman year!

What a bunch of sounders.

G5yfZWs Source: Imgur

Who else has always dreamed of finding a secret compartment? Just us? OK then.

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