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Caroline Flack and Olly Murs just need to shift and get over it

I will go down with this ship…

LAST NIGHT ON The X Factor Caroline Murs and Olly Flack almost went there.

They almost kissed.

flack Source: ITV/TV3

Except they didn’t kiss. They were having us all on. Again.


‘Carolly’, as they’re known in internet shipping circles (‘shipping’ is the act of wanting, wishing, imagining, willing two people/characters/personalities to get it on) have been the subject of will they-won’t they and have they-haven’t they speculation for years at this stage, a testament to their scorching on screen chemistry.


Even eighties singer and former romancer of Brad Pitt and Simon Cowell wants it to happen:

In an interview with today’s Daily Mail Flack says:

Me and Olly have a lovely relationship. It’s a weird chemistry. We have this innate understanding of one another – we don’t fancy each other and yet we don’t not fancy each other. We’re not girlfriend and boyfriend, yet we’re not totally platonic either.


Last night’s almost gob-lob wasn’t the first time ‘Carolly’ have gotten up close and personal.

There was this awkward mashing of mouths on The Xtra Factor in 2011:

Source: CarolineAndOlly/YouTube

This teasing nose kiss:


And countless other instances of excruciating flirting:





Maybe they’ve already done the deed, maybe they’re secretly married and have a joint bank account, maybe they celebrate the end of each X Factor with a cheeky ride. Who knows?



Either way, with both parties reportedly single at the moment and with X-Factor hurtling inexorably towards a Christmas final crescendo, just do everyone a favour and shift on screen. Be papped holding hands going into Tesco. Say something cute about one visiting the other’s mam.

Put everyone out of their misery.



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