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Can You Match This Celebrity to Their Favourite Conspiracy Theory?

Does anyone really believe that Tupac is still alive in Cuba?

1. Alicia Silverstone, star of 'Clueless' believes that:
Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Vaccinations cause autism
The moon is not real

JFK was killed by the CIA
Tupac is alive and in Cuba

Fluoride causes brain damage
2. Shaquille O'Neal believes that:
Allen Eyestone/Zuma Press/PA Images
Bush did 9/11
The government inserts tracking devices into us via vaccinations

The world is flat
All of the above
3. Whoopi Goldberg's conspiracy theory of choice is:
Chemtrails from planes are more sinister than we believe
Fluoride is poisoning us

The moon landing was faked
The moon itself is fake

JFK was killed by the CIA
All of the above
4. Which one of these celebrities believed in the illuminati?
Myung Jung Kim/PA Archive/PA Images
George Michael
Chris O\'Meara/AP/Press Association Images

PA/PA Archive/PA Images
David Bowie
Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images
David Gest
5. Which of the following is NOT a 9/11 truther?
Andy Butterton/PA Archive/PA Images
Mark Ruffalo
©Doug Peters /Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Vince Vaughn

Ik Aldama/DPA/PA Images
Marion Cotillard
Shooting Star/SIPA USA/PA Images
Woody Harrelson
6. Which of these celebrities is NOT an anti-vaxer?
Donald Trump
Dennis Van Tine/Geisler-Fotopres/DPA/PA Images
Kirstie Alley

AJM/EMPICS Entertainment
Charlie Sheen
Rui Vieira/PA Archive/PA Images
Gordon Ramsey
7. Which one of these women does NOT believe that chemtrails are dangeorus?
Theo Karanikos/Zuma Press/PA Images
Kylie Jenner

Tracy Chapman
Boesl Hubert C3396/DPA/PA Images
8. Which of the following does Bruce Willis believe?
Ursula Düren/DPA/PA Images
Bush did 9/11
Obama had an affair with Harry Styles

The CIA killed JFK
Yoko Ono killed John Lennon
9. Which conspiracy theory does Jim Carrey believe?
Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images
Tupac is alive and in Cuba
Vaccinations cause autism

The moon landing was faked
The sun is fake and was invented by sun cream lobbyists
Answer all the questions to see your result!
Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images
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Excellent, you got them all.
Jim Corr is that you? You are an expert on keeping tabs on which celebrities believe which conspiracy theories.
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Like Kylie Jenner you dabble in conspiracy theories a little, but you're not obsessed.
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You didn't get any right.
It's probably for the best that your brain is full of more useful knowledge.
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