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10 of our favourite celebrity Instagram accounts

Tap tap like, hashtag no filter etc.

OVER THE WEEKEND Madonna officially joined Instagram, an interesting move from a star who isn’t generally big on social media.

Still she found time to tweet a pic of her drinking and then another sweating post workout. Lovely.

Of course celebrities are all over Instagram posting “selfies” and using as many hashtags as humanly possible.

If you’re thinking of following some celebrities on Instagram (as opposed to y’know, people you actually know) we’ve run through some big names and what to expect from their pics.


Your first port of call  on Instagram might be one of pop’s biggest stars and Bey’s account does have some gems.

There are fun pics of her rehearsing for Super Bowl, snaps of her outfits and even some pics of her with Destiny’s Child bandmates and her very cool sister Solange. This one is the best:

baddiebey / Instagram

Britney Spears

Britney is still a huge megastar so it’s no surprise to see via her Instagram that she’s keeping busy.

We’re not quite sure why she looks so sad in the eyes in most of her pics though.

Her most recent post is with her new dog and  yet she looks like she might cry. Cheer up Brit Brit.

Britney Spears / Instagram

Kim Kardashian.

You may groan but this whole clan have woven themselves across social media so much that we’d be fools to ignore them completely.

Kim is still Kardashian no. 1 thanks to her pregnancy, Kanye relationship and healthy obsession with taking pictures of herself.

That last trait is very handy for Instagram and posting gems like this:

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kanye West

You can’t have Kim without Kanye.

Although it seems that Mr West is a little less self-centred when it comes to what he shares.

Every inch the teenage boy, Kanye mostly shares pictures of  cool shoes, interesting street art  and the odd shout-out to his famous friends. If nothing else you’ll have serious cool shoe envy.

Kanye West / Instagram

Justin Bieber

Someone who clearly covets some of Kanye’s cred, Bieber’s Instagram profile is a textbook example of the teen heart-throb trying to grow up.

There are alot of topless pictures, pouting and attempts at bad-boy cool.

There’s also Justin posting screen grabs of people reviewing his music and how much he’s impressed them. Which is spectacular in it’s immodesty.

Justin Bieber / Instagram

Glenda Gilson

She’s a relative newcomer to the app but we’re already in love with Miss Gilson’s images. She’s got the pictures of cute dogs that are essential on social media, shots of flashy cars and copious amounts of hashtags.

She even shared this artistic picture of some rain. Deep.

Sile Seoige

If you’re going to follow an Irish celebrity on Instagram you are contractually obliged to include some kind of Seoige. You can practically feel the class and general sophistication trickle into your feed with every picture Sile posts.

Like, c’mon, in fairness:

Sile Seoige / Instagram

Taylor Swift

Whether you admire her talent and success at a young age or you’re jealous of all the famous fellas she’s bagged you’ll probably want to follow ol’ T. Swift.

There are lots of whimsical pictures of craft activites, good clean fun with friends and fellow celebs and a snap that suggests Taylor’s bedroom is the sort of lacy, frilly nightmare most 12 year olds would find a bit much:


Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter is so undeniably cool that you’ll be obsessively liking each of his pictures in the hope you’ll pick up some of his coolness.

There are plenty of pictures of him with his wife, little known singer Beyoncé and he even posted this rather mortifying school years pic of Bey for everyone to see.


Rihanna is basically the Queen of Instagram.

You want racy pictures of Rihanna in various states of undress? Done.

You want inspirational quotes and bible passages? Covered.

Feel like seeing more than a few references to marijuana? You’ll have more than your fill.

Rihanna’s account is an absolute mess but one that you won’t be able to tear your head away from. Now here’s an inspirational quote:

badgalriri / Instagram

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