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Losing Battle

The biggest celebrity winners and losers of the year

You can’t win ‘em all.

WE ARE COMING to the end of 2013, and what a year for celebrity it’s been.

Inevitably, within the world of entertainment’s antics, there are those who come out on top and those who well… didn’t do so well.  Not everyone can be Jennifer Lawrence after all.

Thus, we give you,‘s celebrity winners and losers, 2o13.


Miley Cyrus


There is no doubt that she is one of the most famous people on the planet now thanks to her twerking antics.

She was undisputedly the most talked about celeb of the year, and got some number one singles and a number one album out of it.

Jennifer Lawrence


The world’s love for the luminous one was confirmed this year when she continued her reign of beauty and hilarity.

From tripping at the Oscars, to all the gas interviews she’s done for Catching Fire, she is a definite winner.

Shane Filan


Former Westlifer Shane Filan came back this year with a solo effort and spoke frankly about his struggles with bankruptcy.

For his honesty and humility, he wins.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry got into a chart battle with Lady Gaga and won.

Her album Prism was number one around the world, and in the midst of Gaga and Miley's madness, she kept it classy.

Amy Huberman

amy 2

Between looking like a goddess at the IFTAs hours before she gave birth to Sadie, and her charming contributions from the audience on the Late Late Show, Amy only won further hearts and minds this year.

We're even willing to overlook those woejus Newbridge ads. (Although seriously Amy, WTF?)

One Direction


Between their number one film, their number one album, and claiming a day entirely for themselves, the lads have continued to go from strength to strength.

Sure, Zayn even got engaged!

Kim Kardashian


She had a beautiful baby, got engaged in spectacular fashion, and endured horrible persecution by the press regarding her body while pregnant with class.

Kim got exactly what she wanted in 2013.  She wins.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay went to rehab and this time came out the other side.

She also got herself a deal with Oprah for a reality series, reported to have been worth $2 million. Cha-ching!



She started the year off by owning the Superbowl, and went on to blow minds all over the world with the Mrs. Carter Show before blowing everyone else in the music industry out of the water with the surprise release of her visual album in mid-December.

Who run the world? Beyoncé.

Bryan Cranston


The final series of Breaking Bad and Brian Cranston's general loveliness around it only served to give him a permanent place in many hearts.

What's next for him?  The whole world will be watching.

Sinead O'Connor


Whatever your take on the auld open letters, the world certainly remembered who Sinead O'Connor was this year.

And she featured in South Park, which automatically means she's a winner, right?

Cara Delevinge


She is, without a doubt, the hottest model in the world at the moment.  She featured in the shows of all the biggest designers in the world this year, as well as the Victoria Secret fashion show.

Everyone wants to be mates with her, she is almost certainly the most popular girl of the class of 2013.



A number one song all over the world and the admiration of the biggest names in music is not a bad achievement for one year in the life of a 16-year-old.

The world is Lorde's oyster, but all she wants is to make music.


Miley Cyrus


You win some, you lose some.  Yes, everyone in the world knows who she is, but if most of them think she's a dope does that mean she's still a winner?

Robin Thicke


This time last year no one knew who he was.  Or at least, not nearly as many people who know him now.

Unfortunately, loads of people now think he's a creep.  Is he a winner?  Is he a loser?  You decide.

Kanye West


Kanye's Zayne Lowe interview made him a laughing stock in many people's eyes which was exacerbated by the Jimmy Kimmel tweets and a dodgy music video for Bound 2.

Yes he released an album which many would consider groundbreaking in terms of hip hop, but what good is that when all people are talking about it how ridiculous you are?

Justin Bieber


In his efforts to come across as a real grown man, Justin has made himself look like a total eejit this year.

Perhaps it was his breakup with Selena in January that turned things sour, but between altercations with photographers, urinating in mop buckets, calling Anne Frank a Belieber and sexy song lyrics, no one is taking him seriously.

Lamar Odom


Khloe Kardashian's husband's alleged addiction to crack led to a lot of bad press for Lamar.

He disappeared a few times, and it would seem that his relationship with Khloe is over. Sad times.

Chris Brown


Chris Brown assaulted someone.  Again.

He broke up with Rihanna.  Again.

And the court sent him to rehab for anger management.  Not a great year, all told.

Amanda Bynes


It was a difficult year for Amanda Bynes, who it would seem, was dealing with mental health issues in the glare of the public eye.

Her mother now has conservatorship over her finances and medical care and Amanda spent a significant amount of time in treatment for apparent schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The good news is that she's out now and talking about going to college.  Hopefully things will look up for her in 2014!

Simon Cowell


He had an affair with his best mates wife, and his show's ratings are not looking good at all.

Sorry Simon, this year, you lose.

Danielle Meagher


The women some people recognised from Dublin Wives somehow wound up on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, but she didn't last long.

Despite changing the spelling of her name for a UK audience (Meagher to Marr), her career doesn't seem to have taken off over there either.  Sad times.

Justin Timberlake


Mr. JT's great musical comeback was lukewarm to say the least.

Soz Justin, but you could have done more.  You could have done better.

Eva Mendes


She was going out with Ryan Gosling... now she's not.  Enough said.

Azealia Banks


The girl whose song soundtracked everyone's good times in 2012 didn't do herself any favours in 2013.

From calling Lily Allen's children ugly, to repeatedly using homophobic slurs, Azealia messed things up this year.

Dappy from N-Dubs


Poor Dappy.  The only real story about him this year involved him getting kicked in the face by a horse.

That ain't good.

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