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13 celebrities complaining about their everyday lives

It’s hell out there for celebrities.

Source: AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

IT’S NOT EASY being a celebrity, you know. For example:

1. Ed Sheeran’s faraway plug hell

2. Emma Watson’s ongoing printer struggle

3. Wiz Khalifa’s bling-related problems

4. Liz Hurley’s television blackout

5. Kelly Osbourne’s bizarre parakeet problems

6. Example’s intimate hair shock

7. Anna Kendrick’s Skittles mini-pack disappointment

8. Miley Cyrus’ existential ennui

9. Mario Lopez/AC Slater’s tiny ketchup packet damnation

10. Geri Halliwell’s terrible jacuzzi

11. Busta Rhymes’ ongoing phone dissatisfaction

12. Hilary Duff’s consistently burnt pine nuts

13. And Alan Sugar’s ruined private jet flight

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