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How much fun did your family have during the Celtic Tiger?

It’s time to add up the ensuites and second properties to measure how much fun you had during the Celtic Tiger .


The Celtic Tiger was fun while it lasted. Use this quiz to measure just how fun it was for you and your family!

1. First things first, how many cars did your family own?
2. Is there a single ensuite in your house?
5. How many holidays did you take a year during the Celtic Tiger?
Just one, usually to Spain or Portugal
More than one/or one to the USA (Universal, Disneyworld, Florida etc)

Several, and an American shopping trip before Christmas
6. Did you get an attic conversion or any extensions?
Ah yeah, we got a little bit of work done over those years
My house is the same as when it was built

Which house? We had a few properties
7. What was your childhood allowance like?
At least €50 a week including money for school lunches

I didn't really get an allowance, I just asked for money any time I needed it
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You had a blast during the Celtic Tiger
Your name is probably Lorna or Cormac and you had it all. These were your golden years. You spent more time in your playroom than on the mean streets as a child and you probably partook in a weird extra curricular activity like ballet or violin.
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You had a decent enough time during the Celtic Tiger
Your family splashed out a little bit, but were probably a bit more cautious than others. Hopefully it served you better in the long run.
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Your family didn't have any fun during the Celtic Tiger
But that's not a bad thing. Sensible and far from frivolous, your family were not concerned with silly things like buying jet skis or investing in Bulgarian and Croatian apartments.
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