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12 challenges women face that men just don't understand

They may think they do, but they couldn’t possibly.

THERE ARE SOME parts of life as a woman that men just don’t understand.

They may think they have an idea, but it would be impossible for them to fully grasp the horror of certain challenges women face in their daily lives.

Challenges like these…

NOTE: Don’t panic, men, we know your life is filled with challenges too and will be acknowledging those challenges in a future post.

Sitting on festival portaloos


In fact, sitting on lots of public toilets is a challenge.

Many women attempt to hover to avoid making contact with the toilet seat itself, but in a cramped portaloo at a music festival when you’ve had a few drinks and have been queuing for twenty minutes, the hover can be a real challenge.



‘Oho!’, say the men, ‘We have to suffer that one too!  Ha ha….’

Aren’t you gas?  Here’s the thing though, as bad as it is for you to endure the woman in your life being unpleasant for a few days, it is much more difficult to be that woman.

Imagine being in a fouler for days on end, knowing all the while that you are being entirely unreasonable.  Imagine not being able to stop yourself from snapping at completely innocent people you actually adore for no reason.  How do you think that would feel?  Awful, that’s how.


leaking breasts

Sure, it’s incredible that women have the ability to provide their newborn children with all the nutrients you require, but when you’ve finally managed to leave the house on your own and your top develops two unsightly wet patches things can feel pretty grim.



No one likes wearing bras.  No one.  They are the work of the devil, with the strapless bra having a very special place reserved in Hell’s wardrobe.  And yet, we must.

Body hair


It’s up to every individual woman to make a decision about their body hair, but many women feel pressure to get rid of most of it.

This is painful, awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing and expensive, depending on your chosen method.

The constant assumption that you like the colour pink


Lots of us don’t y’know.  In fact, some of us hate it, so it would be great if companies stopped making pink versions of things just so that our little brains know they’re for us.



Hours and hours and hours of our lives spent queuing for toilets.

Magical moments at gigs missed and large portions of enjoyable conversation eradicated because of time wasted in toilet queues.  The worst.

Fighting for sink space


Frequently, once you manage to get into the toilet, you struggle to get to the actual sink because of gaggles of other women taking up residence there for makeup reapplication.



The pain of the cramps.  The money spent on tampons and sanitary towels.  The inconvenience of it beginning when you’re not expecting it.  The ruined clothing.  The eventual menopause and all the pain and inconvenience that comes with that.

We could go on…

Complex fashion items


If you’re into fashion and clothes, you may not view this as a challenge, but for some women dressing the ‘right way’ is very difficult.

For them, shopping is Hell and the pressure to find the right outfit for each situation intense.  There are just too many choices!  Things are so much simpler for men!



Obviously women don’t have to wear heels, but there are some situations where you feel like you’ve somehow failed if you’re not wearing them.

And the fact is they are uncomfortable at best, excruciating at worst (unless you’re one of those freaks of nature like Mariah Carey who claims that she actually can’t wear flats because she finds them uncomfortable).



What a glorious gift it is to be able to give birth to a child.  How lucky those who can do it are.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s without it’s challenges and unpleasantries.

At the end of the day you are squeezing a tiny human out of an even tinier hole in your body.  A TINY HUMAN OUT OF AN EVEN TINIER HOLE IN YOUR BODY.  Jaysis.

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