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11 of the greatest chancers in the history of Tinder

Caught rapid.

1. This guy’s bold opening profile pic

tinderinsert Source: Twitter

With a TROPHY too.

2. This chancer who went for the heroic Photoshop look

shelter Source: Imgur

3. The lads who went to IKEA to make their gaffs look nicer on their profile pics

tinderpho3 Source: Imgur

4. This lad who felt the need to send this

friend Source: FinstewlaJay/Twitter

5. The girls who used ‘The Tinder Games’ to bag themselves some free pizza


6. This opening salvo

joeltinder Source: Twitter

7. This brutal honesty

B8QJrDBCMAAc7qN Source: TheMilkManWVU

8. This winning line is the definition of a Tinder chancer

noelle Source: Imgur

Sees an opportunity and goes for it.

9. This guy’s Ph.D seems legit

p9H9TGi Source: Imgur

10. Again, a line based on the shift can work wonders

sioft Source: gumtreebines on Reddit Ireland

11. And finally… when this guy used the same opening line every time and he was caught out

sametext Source: Imgur

Caught rapid.

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