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Tweet Sweeper: What reality TV star thought that Niall Horan was "British"?

And who shared a smooch at the BRIT awards? All this, and all the best of the week’s tweets from famous people.

REMEMBER CHANELLE HAYES from Big Brother in 2007?

Think the Victoria Beckham lookalike, who fought with Charliey and had a fling with Ziggy – and subsequently launched a singing, TV presenting and modelling career. Weeelll, geography isn’t her strong suit…

Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes landed herself in hot water over this tweet…

Before following it up with this explanation (ahem)

Over to the man himself. Hashtag… what? HASHTAG WHAT?!

Two Castleknock natives, Glenda and Colin, reunited at last

Bressie has had it up to here with you idiots! To HERE!

And his fellow The Voice judge uploaded THIS charming pic from the Brit Awards. Smooth, mate

And since we’re doing The Voice judges, here’s this tweet from Jamelia… Who kisses someone on the eyebrows though?

It’s like she’s saying what we’re all thinking

Miley Cyrus had this to say to her haters

Sabrina and Zelda back together again!

sabri Look who I’m playing with today on #melissaandjoey. Recognize that face? It’s @bethabroderick otherwise known as my Aunty Zelda.

Irish gal Laura gets a bit starstruck

But we love YOU, Jesse

Too much cheese before bed, eh Nicky?

Bryan McFadden smooched Keith Lemon at the Brits

briand Captioned: “Me and @lemontwittor eating the face out of each other

Compensating for something, dear?

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