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11 defining characteristics of an Irish hen party

Round up the girlos, we’re off to Carrick-on-Shannon!

GOING TO THE chapel and we’re gonna get married. Before all of that good stuff, comes the hen party.

Here’s how it’ll go down.

1. There WILL be a theme

Hawaiian, sexy doctors, sexy nurses, sexy ballerina slash pink cowgirl, er, 80s tribute band…

Untitled Source: Lola's Big Adventure!

2. Everyone has a nickname

There WILL be printed t-shirts from those shops you think nobody ever goes into. If you fail to nominate a suitable name for yourself, the maid of honour will pick one for you.

Bet you regret not replying NOW, ‘Ravishing Rose’.

CIMG8966 Source: .Martin.

3. The bride is wearing license plates and or a sash

Nothing says ‘I’m getting married’ like pastel pink feathers.

DSC05681 Source: Cleavers

SDC10969 Source: .Martin.

4. You’re forever in a group

You’re not even sure what personal space is any more. But to be honest, the last thing you want to do is break off from the gals wearing a neon green wig and leg-warmers.

HEN PARTY IN TEMPLE BAR Source: infomatique

5. There are penis-shaped things, everywhere

We cannot emphasis this enough… EVERYWHERE. It’s not like it’s the last time she’ll ever see one.

Mini hen do / birthday party :) Source: insideology

So many penises.

peckerstraws Source: Bachelorettepartysupplies

ALL of the penises.

Giant-Penis-Hen-Party-Willy-Cake Source: Lickylipscakes

6. It will be in Carlingford, Carrick-on-Shannon, or Westport

The location will preferably be across the coast where you stay together in a hotel so you can get as messy as. Fancy feckers.

Hen party Source: Kai Hendry

7. Men will be objectified

Even by Auntie Carol who initially blushed at the penis cake but retrospectively is a bit of a cougar.


8. Drinks are exclusively cocktails

It’s like a rule. Martini glasses only.

Cocktails at Red Star Tavern Source: camknows

Champagne is allowed for those with notions.


9. There’ll be lots of wooing



Girls just wanna have fun came on!


Someone got the shift!


10. You’ll do at least one dare

You don’t know indignity until you ask a complete stranger for his boxers.

hen-party-games Source: Onlinejokeshop

11. Someone will state the obvious at least ten times

“She’s getting married!” What gave it away?

bridetobe Source: Beatrice Murch

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