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The Cheeky Nando's phenomenon has reached Ireland in a big way

One Dublin college may soon have its own Cheeky Nando’s Society. Really.

THE INTERNET IS rather obsessed with the idea of a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ right now, with all and sundry proclaiming a fondness for the South African eatery.

But what exactly makes a Nando’s ‘cheeky’? Well, as it’s #ladbanter in its purest essence, it’s rather hard to describe. Here’s the best definition we’ve seen so far:

adb Source: Know Your Meme

Until now, it seemed as if Ireland would be safe from the cheekiness. But alas, it’s here, in the form of UCD’s new Cheeky Nando’s Society.

Profile Pictures - UCD Cheeky Nando's Soc | Facebook Source: Facebook/UCD Cheeky Nando's Soc

A Facebook page for the mysterious society popped up in May, advertising “cheeky” Tuesday jaunts to Nando’s at the Dundrum Town Centre for all members.

Thousands of people have since clicked ‘like’ and pledged to go to a ‘Cheeky Tuesday @ Nando’s’ event during the first week of September – a week when many students return to college.

cheekytuesday Source: Facebook

So is the society the real deal? Well, here’s what they told DailyEdge.ie:

Although the page was created as a bit of mindless lad banter while enjoying a cheeky one (you better believe some extra hot peri peri featured), the huge support from our loyal herd of bantalopes has us considering applying for official society status from the top lads down at the Student Union.

To decode that for any of you who haven’t exactly achieved Banthom of the Opera status yet: It’s not a real society, but they’re thinking of making it so.

nandossoc Source: Facebook/UCD Cheeky Nando's Soc

And are they really expecting a thousand students to descend on Nando’s in Dundrum on Tuesday September 8? Again, they’re obtuse:

We can’t say for sure how many banter panthers are going to descend on Nando’s on that particular Tuesday, but we can tell you the top mates here at UCD Cheeky Nando’s Soc will be there, as we are every Tuesday, and you know we’re going to absolutely smash it. #Standard.

The #ladsladslads are coming. Take cover.

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