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You can now buy a Cheeseburger Crust Pizza in Ireland

Pizza Hut have confirmed that the bonkers creation is available to deliver.

Image: Pizza Hut

Update: Pizza Hut have confirmed the burger-pizza hybrid is NOW AVAILABLE here.

EVER EATEN A pizza and thought ‘You know what – this is nice and all, but it could do with more cheeseburgers in the crust’?

No? Well, you, my friend, are living in the past. Because the Cheeseburger Crust pizza is already a reality. And it’s available to eat right here in Ireland.

Pizza Hut are launching the monstrosity under the slogan “Pizza or Cheeseburger – Why Decide?” According to the press description:

The delicious limited edition pizza has succulent mini beef burgers baked into the crust and is topped with melted mozzarella.

Perfect for sharing, the Cheeseburger Pizza is a mouthwatering creation that will satisfy even the most indecisive of taste buds and is set to banish the need for an impulse order dictated by “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”. No one will need “one more minute please”, the answer is here.

It’s already on sale in the UK, where it’s been causing quite a stir. A Pizza Hut representative informed DailyEdge.ie that it is also available in Ireland through Pizza Hut Delivery, but not in restaurants.

The original version of the culinary curiosity has been available at Pizza Hut in the Middle East for some time. It was known as the ‘Crown Crust’ there:

Source: Pizza Hut Middle East

Are you wondering what the Cheeseburger Pizza really looks like, in real life? Well, someone tweeted this photo:

Source: Twitter/NationalDays


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