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Poll: How often do you order food for delivery?
More people are ordering food online during the pandemic.
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Takeaway chain Romayo's creates 45 new jobs to buck Covid-19 downturn
The chain currently employs 280 people in 19 premises across Dublin, Meath, Offaly and Kildare.
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Man (20s) charged in relation to armed robbery at takeaway to appear before court this morning
A man was arrested following a robbery shortly before midnight on Tuesday.
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Man United in talks with Chinese Super League club over Fellaini sale - reports
The Belgian’s contract expires at the end of next season.
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20 more really weird reviews that Irish people have left on Just Eat
You could honestly spend hours reading this stuff.
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Gardaí investigate after teenager stabbed in Limerick takeaway
His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.
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Four Star Pizza is eyeing a move into Britain as it hits saturation point in Ireland
The pizza chain’s director says it is already “at capacity” in many areas of the local market.
20 of the weirdest reviews Irish people have left on Just Eat
Don’t upset a hungry person.
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Suspected burglar gets stuck in takeaway vent for seven hours
He was spotted after shouting to passers-by for help.
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Which takeaway pizza matches your personality?
Maybe you order a lot of Domino’s, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are Domino’s.
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12 rituals you go through every time you order a takeaway
*chances stale prawn cracker*
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Takeaway delivery driver 'very shaken' after car is hijacked
Two men reportedly pulled him from a black Ford Fiesta before driving off in the car.
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Pizza and Mexican restaurants among food outlets served with closure orders last month
The FSAI said some businesses are “potentially putting consumers’ health at serious risk”.
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Two men arrested in England after teenage girl 'dies from eating takeaway'
Megan Lee had eaten food from an Indian takeaway before suffering an apparent allergic reaction.
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17 tweets that sum up Ireland’s relationship with the spice bag
“One last spicebag before summer ends”
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LY Garden in Tallaght has just been named the best takeaway in Ireland
Gis some of that.
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This Dublin comedian’s step-by-step experience of eating a spice bag is spot on
“I’ll never be able to eat all this”.
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This man fell asleep after ordering a filthy chipper at 4am, but the delivery man had his back
There for you <3
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11 pictures of takeaway food from Limerick that will make you drool
Food heaven.
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The battered sausage is the only thing you should be getting in the takeaway, TBH
Apart from chips, obvs.
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Here's why the Saltee Chipper is a Wexford takeaway institution
Those blue tables.
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A Dublin takeaway has started doing delivery food for dogs
We’re not talking leftover scraps here either.
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A Dublin takeaway has started doing delivery food for dogs
Well now.
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Here's why Luigi's is the darling of Longford takeaways
The best chips in the country, they say.
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This Tipperary takeaway is making these insane battered wraps
Carbs on carbs on carbs.
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This Quiz Will Determine If You're A Spice Bag Person Or A 3-In-1 Person
There is only one true way.
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7 takeaways that don’t give a f**k about January
No holding back.
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Look at this monster 13-patty burger from a takeaway in Tipperary
We’ll definitely be needing a doggy bag.
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10 pictures of takeaway food in Cork that will make you drool
Absolute heaven.
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Your Indian takeaway dinner has a LOT more food in it than one person should be eating
And you might want to check how much fat, salt, and calories is in it.
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What disgustingly delicious meal should you order this weekend?
“I will pay someone hard currency to deliver a hot bag of food to my door.”
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We tested some of Dublin's best Thai green curries, and there's a clear winner
“There’s a very spicy bang off that”.
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Apache and Macari's among big winners at takeaway awards
The spice bag was named Ireland’s favourite dish.
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Move over 'spice bag' -- the 'munchy box' is the new revelation in takeaway food
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Was your favourite takeaway closed over food safety concerns last month?
The FSAI said there can be “no excuse” for putting consumers’ health at risk.
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Here's how to blag WAY bigger burritos in five simple steps
Genius at work.
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Eating in takeaways is as healthy as eating in restaurants, according to this study
Home cooking is the real way to go, though.
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This Just Eat review of a spice bag is pure poetry
Yeats would be proud.
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Apparently there are no takeaways any more... just 'delivery restaurants'
We talked to the head of Just Eat Ireland about being labelled ‘down-market’.
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11 people who live and die by the Dominos pizza tracker
That delicious transition from ‘quality control’ to ‘delivery’ though.