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8 facts of life for people who CAN'T STAND the taste of cherry

Nope. No thank you.


Some people love them and some people hate them.

And those who hate them, really hate them.

For one thing, they’re always around to spoil everything.

They can’t just stay away and hang around by themselves. Instead they have to barge in and ruin all the things you love.

Cherry on top? More like, cherry get away from me immediately.

Honestly, they taste like medicine

And sadness

sailor Source: sailor failure/Twitter

Nothing ruins your day quite like getting a cherry-flavoured jelly or discovering a cherry in your dessert


Cherry chapstick is your worst nightmare

And Katy Perry was absolutely wrong to sing about it, innuendo or no innuendo.

You know there’s nothing worse than a cherry-flavoured drink

And you’re convinced cherry-flavoured Coke was invented by the devil himself

Absolutely no need for it.

BV0hCU8IYAAkeVr Source: william/Twitter

In short, they’re ugly and tacky and need to stop infecting all the things you love

Down with cherries.

cherries Source: gig/Twitter

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