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Men are shaving their chest hair into bikini tops, and it's awful

They’re using the hashtag #ChestHairBikini to show them off.

LAST NIGHT, WE asked you if male back hair can ever be acceptable. But perhaps there’s a far more pressing issue to be dealt with around the front.

An alarming trend has sprung up on Twitter and Instagram recently of men trimming their chest hair in the shape of bikini tops.

You know, for summer. Or for the #ladbanter.

It's ok guys and girls. You lose. #awesome #chesthair #chesthairbikini #mankini #thisiswhatbeingamanlookslike Source: cfrank33

#mcm #chesthairbikini Source: kcb_unique

Here’s a woman FACILITATING this trend. Just stop the world and let us off.

Can not wait for @kendalcalling again with these two ! Hope fully @amybarlow139 @orianneemily #festival #2013 #2014 #drunk #party #girls #me #drunk Source: silverbackboy96

If you’d like to see more (if hair bikinis are your thing), the #ChestHairBikini and #HairBikini hashtags will sort you out.

We’d like to say ‘you do you’ but we don’t think we can authorise this. Not just yet. We need more time. And perhaps some eye bleach.

h/t Buzzfeed

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