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Chicken arrested for crossing the road

Yes, really.

File photo of a suspicious-looking chicken
File photo of a suspicious-looking chicken
Image: Flickr

A CHICKEN HAS been arrested for crossing the road in Texas.

The animal was apprehended in the town of Corpus Christi, because it crossed the street not on a pedestrian crossing.

It fled on foot when an officer began pursuit, but was eventually taken into custody.

According to the Corpus Christi Police Blotter:

Corpus Christi Police Officer David Saldana, known among his peers as the “Chicken Hawk,” saw a chicken cross the road at about 2pm Sunday.

Officer Saldana attempted to detain the chicken for crossing outside of a cross walk, but the chicken fled on foot from Officer Saldana.

The chicken jumped through the open window to an unoccupied vehicle in an attempt to escape, but there were no keys in the ignition of the vehicle. Officer Saldana successfully captured the chicken and placed the chicken in his patrol car.

It was then taken to Animal Care Services. Police said they consider the case closed.

Here’s the image Corpus Christi police posted of the chase:

Source: CCPDblotter.com

The chicken’s motive remains unclear.

via Arbroath

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