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# factory farm
Suspected false documents and illegal dumping: the murky world of poultry manure
Noteworthy reveals serious concerns over authenticity of files used in some poultry farm planning cases in the North and where the manure is going.
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# Food Safety
Dunnes Stores recalls chicken products over listeria fears
Two chicken products may contain the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes.
# Rotterdam
8.4 million cigarettes, hidden behind frozen chicken, seized at Dublin Port
The smuggled cigarettes have an estimated value of over €4.1 million.
# trade deal
British minister refuses to rule out chlorinated chicken in trade deal with North America
George Eustice also defended the Government’s new immigration system after businesses raised fears of a shortage of workers.
# Controversy
Croatian footballer in trouble for killing chicken on pitch
Ivan Gazdek was red-carded for unsporting behaviour.
# Beyond Meat
KFC is trying out some 'plant-based chicken nuggets'
The US fast-food chain is trialling product.
# finger clickin backlash
UK's Home Office branded 'racist or unfathomably stupid' for anti-knife crime ads on chicken boxes
A UK minister said the messages will “bring home” the consequences of knife crime to young people.
# 6 of the best
6 of the best... fresh and tasty twists on the classic roast chicken
Roasts for when you’ve had too many roasts.
# WTF?
'I went too far when I sucked the toes of the chicken,' admits Evra
The Frenchman posted a bizarre video caressing raw poultry for Thanksgiving.
# KFC Crisis
KFC forced to destroy chicken as delivery fiasco rumbles on
The delivery crisis, which led to the closure of hundreds of KFC outlets, erupted last weekend after the fast food giant switched delivery operator.
# Sale Eggreed
After more than 200 years in one family's hands, Manor Farm has been sold to a Swedish firm
Ireland’s biggest chicken producer has been valued at €94 million in the deal.
# financial struggles
An idea for An Post? New Zealand's postal service starts delivering KFC
The number of letters being posted in the country has halved in the last decade.
# hen party
These two chickens were the stars of the Ray D'Arcy Show last night
# chicken fillet roll
RTÉ completely ruined the chicken fillet roll for everyone last night
# fowl play
Dublin's getting a new chicken place and it looks amazing
It’s all happening at The Square Ball. LOOK at this chicken.
# spicy or plain
The loss of a Dublin chicken fillet roll institution is being mourned today
RIP Maguires.
# fast-food santa
In Japan, KFC is at the heart of Christmas festivities
Colonel Sanders is coming to town.
# Product Recall
Warning: Tubs of chicken gravy granules may contain bits of metal
A product recall has been issued by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.
# cheeky nando's
11 very real problems all Nando's addicts will understand
You’re a slave to spicy chicken.
# Raw Deal
Feel like chicken tonight? Don't ruin your weekend by cooking it the wrong way
Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting food poisoning.
# bawk bawk bawk
Just a dog, bizarrely clucking like a chicken
Something’s not right.
# Bee-B-Q
This is what happens when a truck of frozen chickens crashes with a lorry carrying bees
This happened.
# soft chicky
This hen purrs like a cat when it's rubbed
# mcnuggets
Here's exactly how McDonald's chicken nuggets are made
There’s no pink goop! According to McDonald’s, that is.
# chicken flu
Ever wondered what a sneezing chicken sounds like? Wonder no more
Thank you, internet.
# guilty conscience
Thief sends money and letter of apology for taking extra piece of chicken in buffet
How could they?
# Not again
Lamb kebabs found to contain no... lamb
It’s alright though lads, there was no horsemeat.
# Not Lovin' It
'Expired' beef and chicken supplied to McDonald's and KFC in China
Both immediately stopped using meat from the supplier once the revelations emerged.
# chickening out
Mass panic as UK branch of Nando's runs out of chicken
Stop the world and let us off.
# Chicken
Mark Anscombe's son Gareth brands Ulster hierarchy 'clowns'
The Chiefs fullback has come out in support of his father.
# back away from the sink
More than half of you wash raw chicken and that's really dangerous
Your mammy might always have given it a rinse but it’s safer for you and the rest of your family if you don’t.
# chocochicken
That chocolate fried chicken you've been dreaming about is now a reality
We want to go to there.
# chicki-taka
Yes, in case you're wondering that is Moy Park chicken advertising at the World Cup
There’s a little more to it than that though.
# leg man
Hot chicken headline of the week from the Limerick Leader
Clucking* hell! (*Sorry)
# h5 strain
Bird flu outbreak prompts chicken cull in Japan
No cases of humans contracting the disease who have eaten poultry or eggs have been recorded.
# poultry offering
Dominos is now selling pizza with a base made of chicken
Because your arteries deserve it.
# Hot Chick
KFC is selling a fried chicken corsage for your debs date
It’ll come in handy if the food is woeful.
# inspired by cadbury
Chicken arrested for crossing the road
Yes, really.
# delicious tv
Netflix pulled off the greatest April Fools' prank
You haven’t seen Rotisserie Chicken yet? Ah man, it’s deadly.
# room to rent
Bizarre room rental ad includes 'free chicken for stews and soups'
Not for anything else, mind.