Dublin: 4 °C Friday 27 January, 2023
# Let's go outside
Ireland's prayers have been answered... it's a Child of Prague app
Well Holy God!


QUICK, lob the Child of Prague out under the hedge!

It’s an Irish wedding custom that if the weather is looking grim, putting a statue of the Infant Child of Prague outside or even burying it might make the sun shine upon the happy couple.

Now there’s a 21st century version for all you festival goers who don’t want to have to pack the wellies and Peter Storms.

A Year of Festivals in Ireland has launched a new app detailing hundreds of events around the country, and it comes complete with a Child of Prague app, which lets you virtually place the statue outside and hope for good weather.

Creator Mark Graham says:

Well it can’t do any harm… we hope!  There’s even a hidden surprise in there somewhere, but I can’t tell you about it or the weather witchcraft won’t work. Go have a look for yourself. Don’t worry, if anyone is going to hell for sacrilege it’ll be me :-\


Boobies are always funny…

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